Are we beginning to pay the price of many years of abuse from the Big Tech, the Government and many Private Companies collecting our Personal Informations.

Have you ever ask yourself if we might not be actually the victims of many years of abusive data collection by virtually everyone we interacted with online, from our government, the financial sector, the tech companies and on top of this from many nebulous around the world surveillance programs.

There never been so many identity theft, hacking, fraudulent activity such as 1 May 2022 Newsletter Privacy Protection, is it already to late? (Part 1) May 17, 2022 ransomware, phishing, etc. than now. Are we in right to ask for better privacy protection? Do you trust that our informations is well manage and protect? In this month newsletter, we decide to share with you the integrality of an article and a parts of another one from Canada that illustrate well the state of the situation.

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