Ovation Specialized Private Consultation

Take advantage of our specialized services for effective risk mitigation, privacy enhancement and tailored security.


$2,500per year
  • Includes a 10-hour prepaid time block of private consulting on any one of our specialized services that can be used 1 hour at a time during the course of the 12 months that follows the date of purchasing.

We also offer our assistance and experience to help you choose your digital devices, home network hardware and software, configure it for optimal privacy and security or in certain case depending of the needs for complete anonymity.


  • Secure passwords management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Secure and Private web browsing
  • Install and configure VPN
  • Install and configure Secure Encrypted Mail Account
  • Install, configure and explain Secure Private Messenger uses
  • Establish a Backup and Storage Solutions


of cellphones and tablets have no security software


of fraudulent transactions come from mobile devices applications


increase in reported cybercrime since Covid-19 according to the FBI

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our experience and expertise are available to you 24/7 to make sure you live the peaceful life you deserve.