CyberSecurity & Privacy Protection

  • Our solutions protect your whole family’s personal digital life, we discover weaknesses, protect your devices, safeguards your privacy, monitor and block threats.

Intelligence & Advisory Services

  • Executives and High-Profile Individuals are at risk from a wide range of external threats. Online harassment, Credential theft, account takeover, social media impersonation, reputation attacks, data exposure can cause costly disruptions, impact strongly everyday life and can even place their families at risk.

Risk Management & Consulting Services

  • Our specialists are completely dedicated to protecting your lifestyle and minimize potential losses. Affluent individual and family with substantial assets may require an alternative risk management approach to protect it all.

Super Yachts Security

  • Supporting yachts of all sizes, we offer a comprehensive range of services fully tailorable.

Specialized Private Consultation

  • Take advantage of our specialized services for effective risk mitigation, privacy enhancement and tailored security.

Protective Services

  • Our specialists work on identifying, evaluating and prioritizing every potential risk and their impact to develop a comprehensive and effective security strategy.

Advanced Mobile Cyber Protection

  • Protect your mobile devices with our autonomous, advanced intrusion prevention system.

XDR Advanced Cyber Protection (Extended Detection and Response)

  • Identifies threats that are highly sophisticated or hidden autonomously.


of cellphones and tablets have no security software


of fraudulent transactions come from mobile devices applications


increase in reported cybercrime since Covid-19 acoording to the FBI

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