Risk Management & Consulting Services

Our Private Client Service professionals have the knowledge and experience to understand the unique and complex needs associated with safeguarding significant assets. Careful analysis of your unique exposure allows us to recommend detailed strategies to secure your tangible assets, personal liabilities.

As an affluent individual, you and your family with substantial assets may require an alternative risk management approach to protect your homes, automobiles, fine arts, jewelry, personal liabilities, and well-being.

Our team helps you understand these risks while providing insurance consultation and risk management solutions to address them. Our complete independence from the insurance market allows us to guide you with the best and most effective solutions.

We strive to make arranging insurance simpler, as we know so much is going on in your life and we keep pace with your changing circumstances.


of cellphones and tablets have no security software


of fraudulent transactions come from mobile devices applications


increase in reported cybercrime since Covid-19 according to the FBI

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